Thanks to everyone who shot The Light of Burning Shadows ebook up the Amazon charts

The ebook is back to its regular price, but then nothing lasts forever. Not quite sure what I’m up to this weekend. I’m waiting on the copy edited manuscript of Of Bone And Thunder which I should receive any day now. That’s always a bit of heart stopper as the ms (at least in my case) is often festooned with Post-Its filled with queries. Of course, that’s old school. These days it’s more likely to be an electronic file with all those text balloons. Either way, it’s how a lot of small but important details get fixed. A good copy editor does a lot more than simply fix grammar. They’ll notice if a character’s eye color has changed or if you repeated a phrase just a chapter ago. They might even question distance traveled over the time taken, where the sun should be in the sky, and the ambient temperature. Copy editing is a largely unsung but vital role in the making of a book and something that traditional publishing does very well.

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