Happy Halloween!

I suppose I have some affinity for this holiday over others. I enjoyed it when I was a kid, and I enjoy it now when I see kids in their costumes going to parties. There isn’t a lot of door to door trick or treating in my neighborhood. It seems they do something at school then hit an apartment or two. Still, they are dressed up and always seem to be very happy. How could they not? You can be Indiana Jones and get free candy. What’s not to love?

Today got me thinking about the holidays I grew up with. I thought it would be fun, or at least interesting, to rank them by general enjoyment. Here are my top 3 best and worst: (I don’t count Armistice/Remembrance and Memorial Day as holidays.)


  1. Thanksgiving – As a child I would have said Christmas hands down, but as I’ve grown this holiday has come to mean more to me.
  2. Christmas – I’m not religious, so this one is about being with family.
  3. New Year’s Day – Resolutions, resolutions, resolutions


  1. St. Patrick’s Day – Drunk fools vomiting in the streets.
  2. Valentine’s Day – I’m single so….
  3. Easter – I’m cool with the bunny, not the bloody religious connotations used as weapons



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