Yes, I’m alive :)

It’s been forever since I posted here for which there is no good (or even bad) excuse. I do use Facebook and Twitter, but why have a website if I don’t utilize it? One of my struggles with social media in general is that I am not a dedicated consumer of it. I follow people on Twitter and FB – oh, and Instagram, but I rarely read their posts. Does that make me a bad ‘friend’? I suspect I’m not alone in this, but it does sometimes feel that way.

With my mea culpa, such as it is, out of the way, I thought I’d restart posting with an update. I’m working on my next fantasy novel as well as a nonfiction military history book. I accepted a position with Pen & Sword Books out of the UK as an acquisitions editor for military history so I’m keeping busy. I took up kickboxing a year ago and can confidently say that if I’m ever attacked by an opponent who is thick, cylindrical and moves very little – not unlike a heavy bag – I should prevail.

Still single…

Still living on the Upper East Side in New York City.

Still eating more junk food than I should.

Currently avoiding doing my taxes because they aren’t due for another month.

Wildly unsuccessful in overcoming my procrastination.

Planning another battlefield tour for 2020.

Hoping/planning to have the next novel finished this summer.

Planning to post regularly here (ha!)





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