The power of local media

Band of Sisters by Kirsten Holmstedt continues the good fight. Kirsten landed a few big gigs – PBS News Hour, testified before Congress, NPR and BBC World radio – but as of yet no invite to sit on a morning show couch. Despite that, the book continues to sell very well. So well that we’ve gone back to press a third time. Local media, not national, has proven to be the main engine driving this.

Kirsten has been nothing short of amazing in granting interviews to whomever asks. The result has been dozens (probably over a hundred at this point) of locally focused pieces in small town papers, blogs, and websites plus radio and tv interviews on public and network affiliate channels. These media outlets are always looking for content. And the networking benefits that come from these smaller gigs should not be underestimated. Don’t discount a reading at a library either because no one there is going to buy your book. Libraries themselves are big consumers and respond to patron requests.

No one (or a thousand) of these events will add up to a chat with Oprah, but the cumulative effect is keeping the rate of movement healthy in the accounts. That, in turn, is fueling constant reorders. And that makes everyone happy.

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      Thanks. Yes, it’s very satisfying, especially because it reveals a significant component to this current war that gets little attention – women. I’ve met several of the women in the book and I’ve been amazed every time. One of them looked like a highschool cheerleader yet in reality she was a .50 cal machine gunner running convoys through Iraq. Meeting them really opens your eyes and makes you rethink your preconceived notions – always a good thing.

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    Kirsten @ B&N in Camp Hill Black Saturday(?)

    Hey Chris,
    I’m sure you might have heard, but if you haven’t we’ve got a signing set up with Kirsten and one of the pilots who is stationed at the Carlisle Barracks for the Saturday after Black Friday. What do you call that day anyway? Joy, our CRM was very excited. It’s going to be a big weekend because somehow we also scored an hour with radio personality Glen Beck on Black Friday for his new book. What the heck is happening in sleepy little Camp Hill? I won’t ever argue with it . . . Congratulations on the new digs – the sweetness of success has its benefits.
    Jeff Young
    PS: I’ll try to do a better job of staying in touch, oddly my busiest time of the year occured before the Holiday this time around . . .

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      Re: Kirsten @ B&N in Camp Hill Black Saturday(?)

      Hi, Jeff:

      Kirsten told me and I’m thrilled! I really wish I could be there. It seems now that I’m no longer in Camp Hill stuff is happening! Sounds like you’re going to have a very busy weekend.




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