There is a cover draft for A Darkness Forged in Fire! My editor called me on the phone before he emailed it as he wanted to hear my reaction when I saw it. I think I said something like ‘Holy ****! That rocks!’ (ever the articulate, I.) I’ve now had a few days to stare at it and consider it from all angles and I’m still jazzed. It’s still being tweaked and I’ve been sworn to secrecy for the moment which is killing me. I always had it in my mind that seeing my first cover with my name on it would be a defining moment and make all of this real, and I’m thrilled to say that sheer joy hammered cynicism into submission. As my British friend, Karen Traviss, often says – Woot Woot!

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      Thanks. Me too, I mean, not the reading, but to see it finally in book form. I harbored a lot of the usual dreams when I was a kid – astronaut, fighter pilot, actor, rock star, play in the NHL (did I mention I grew up in Canada?)- but as each of those faded away as I grew up the idea of being a writer became increasingly stronger.


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