The Taliban in America aka the rise of Huckabee

Up to this point I’ve more or less kept my blogging to all things publishing, but I just couldn’t stay quiet after this latest sermon masquerading as an ad by Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee. A cross, a Christmas tree (where exactly were these sold in Bethlehem?) and the belief that “What really matters is the celebration and birth of Christ and being with family and friends.” Really? Has he met my family? Seriously though, is there no room in Huckabee’s America for Jews, Muslims, Sikhs, Hindus, Buddhists, and atheists? Couldn’t he have wished Christians a Merry Christmas and the rest of us Happy Holidays? Or better yet, donated his air time to something more deserving, like a clothing drive for those poor Hooters girls that will be freezing in those little shorts? Well, perhaps not that.

Theocracies are not conducive to free thought, free will, or women (or gays.) We already have a government that thinks waterboarding (which is drowning, not the sensation of drowning but actual drowning) is some kind of water sport. Do we really want one led by a man who believes that his god wants him to rule the world…oh, yeah, the last seven years…aw hell.

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