Expanding my palate one business lunch at a time

Living in Manhattan means having every possible food on the tip of your taste buds. You just step out the door, go a few blocks and whatever your heart desires you’ll find. As an editor I meet with agents, other publishers and authors fairly regularly and most of these meetings take place over lunch. As an author I get in a few more. I decided a while back to take these opportunities to try new restaurants and new foods each time, in part for the sheer joy of it, and in part as research for dating. It’s definitely been hit and miss, but even the misses are interesting. A gourmand I’m not, but I’m slowly eating my way around the world via their representation in the Big Apple which in turn is giving greater impetus to get out of bed early in the mornings and go for that run in the park. There is, inevitably, a price to be paid.

  1. lanyn

    I remember, when I spent a summer in Manhattan, it was so awesome to be able to find any and all kinds of foods within walking distance. I rather envy you. Here in So. California… nothing’s within reasonable walking distance. You always have to take the car out. The only place that I ate at regularly when I was in NY that I still remember the name of is Dallas BBQ. For a big filling meal, they were amazingly affordable back in the day (they may not be any more, if they still exist). And now I’m also going to start craving a visit to Little Italy…


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