LBF to NY CC and U (decoder inside)

Next week I’ll be at the London Book Fair doing a fair impression of a chicken recently separated from its mind. I’ll be attending for my job as an editor for Stackpole Books, meeting with a lot of foreign (mostly British) publishers to make some rights deals. Essentially, I look to pick up North American, or even world rights to hard covers first printed in Europe that I can then reprint/repackage (meaning new cover, removal of the letter u from colour etc., and sometimes adding a photo insert) here for the US/Canadian market. It’ll be three days of meetings, but I will find a bit of time for other activities while I’m there. One treat will be meeting my British editor at S&S UK. Over there, the book comes out in September and will be released as a trade paperback. I don’t know, but I suspect they’ll be busy adding all the u’s to my prose which is ironic seeing as having been born and raised in Canada I grew up putting u’s in everything to start with.

The day after I return I’ll be going to my first Comic Con which conveniently is being held right here in NYC. Good thing it isn’t far because I’ll probably still be jet lagged and a bit loopy…well, more so. Pocket Books have set up a signing and give away of advance reading copies of the book so anyone interested just look for the disheveled guy dunking an imaginary scone in an imaginary cup of tea.

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