I just checked my brother’s flight and he is at 35,000 ft traveling at 700mph. Today, our parents stopped in at the Barnes and Noble in Little Rock Arkansas and had a very good response from John Giamache at the Financial Center Parkway. Their next stop was North Little Rock Arkansas where the met an equally positive response from David Bratton at 4000 McCain Blvd Barnes and Noble. Wagon train stopped again in Germantown Tennessee, a burb of Memphis where they went into Borders. Terry was very excited to receive an ARC of her own. An ARC was hand-delivered to Avon B. of Barnes and Noble on North Germantown Parkway. Her response was quite favorable. Finally, Hastings Bookstore was paid a visit from a retired couple from Canada. This Germantown Parkway store in a burb of Memphis was very interested and excited about receiving their own copy of the book. Thanks to Cordova and Matthew Davis.
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