The RV-ARC road trip has begun

My parents are now on their way back to Canada from their winter digs deep in the south of Texas right on the Mexican border. Unlike their normal migration, this year they’ll be making a few detours as they stop off at bookstores along the way to hand out ARCs for A Darkness Forged in Fire which Pocket Books were kind enough to ship down to Texas before they left. My folks got as far as San Antonio yesterday and stopped in at two Barnes and Nobles. Many thanks to store manager Melissa at the B&N on the NW Loop outside of San Antonio, and to assistant store manager Marisa at the Bandera Road B&N. Oh, and a big thanks to Conrad at the 4050 N 10th St McAllen, TX B&N. Conrad, tell your wife the second book will be out next summer.

A severe weather front is moving throughout the area so my folks are going to take their time heading up to Austin. We’re still fine tuning our system, but essentially I’m acting as tower control passing along vectors to my mother who acts as navigator while dad pilots the RV to the next destination. On Saturday I’ll be passing control over to my brother in Belleville, Canada as I’ll be flying to England for the London Book Fair.

You know, I’m fortunate to have parents who love me enough to try something as odd-balled as this.

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