My trip to L.A. so far and my upcoming trip to ComicCon in San Diego

I got here just fine, my luggage, however, is nowhere to be found. American Airlines assure me they’re doing everything they can to find it and deliver it to my hotel so I guess there’s no reason to worry… I’m staying at the Westin Bonaventure which is the series of five silver columns featured in many movies, usually right before they’re destroyed! The good news is if I have to flee for my life I won’t have much luggage to carry with me.

I’m in the city of smog for BEA (Book Expo America) in my job as editor at Stackpole Books. This is a once a year show that is often held in New York and brings together publishers from all over the world. This gives me a chance to meet with other publishers about subrights among other things and especially to follow up my meetings when I was in London last month for the London Book Fair.

In much more wonderful news, I’ll be attending ComicCon in San Diego in July as part of Mysterious Galaxy’s first author signing event (or something like that) in conjunction with Pocket Books. I was thrilled when they contacted my publisher and asked if I could attend and naturally I am happy to comply. I think I’ll be on a panel while I’m out there, too, though what it will be I have no idea at this point. Hopefully something I have some knowledge in, but if not I’ll just wing it. Translinear whatchamacallits? Sure, sign me up.

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