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Some time in the near future I’ll be shooting my very first podcast. Not quite sure what it’s going to entail, but it’s being set up by my publisher. I’m thinking of going with an accent, either New Jersey mob or Nova Scotia fisherman.

The final cover, copy and blurbs (quotes from other authors) are now up on Amazon for A Darkness Forged in Fire. It made me realize just how close the book is. Final revisions are done, everything has been signed off and the files have, or are in the process of being, transmitted to the printer. The laydown is June 2 or 3. In less than a month my first book will be in my hands.

I signed up for a speed training course to improve my running. The idea being you run faster for a shorter distance to build up your muscles…I think. All I know is it was fun to get out of my comfort zone and run faster. It also helps that the instructor is amazing. She could motivate me through a brick wall…so I’m hoping she doesn’t read this.

  1. ebenstone

    Quick question off topic….when were you a member of OWW? I read that you used to be a member when I joined today. I was a member a while ago and I’m wondering if our paths crossed. I remember reading a really good story that I was reminded of when I read what your book is about!

    • Anonymous

      I was a member close to when it started (I think) which would have been 1999-2000 so if you were around that time it’s quite possible we knew each other. Of course, back then it was run through Del Rey Books. From the workshop I went to Clarion, from Clarion to Del Rey as an editor and now, just 8 short years later here I am as a rookie author 🙂




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