Spring is sprung in the Big Apple

The pollen is flying fast and furious in Central Park and sunbathing is in full effect. The files for A Darkness Forged in Fire are off to the printer and my focus, and that of the publisher, has turned to publicity and marketing…and running, but I think that’s mostly me. I’m really looking forward to all of it. At the same time I have several big books coming out from my authors which have me equally excited. There’s everything from the media and the military in Iraq to the thorny issue of the US-Mexico border to the Sherman tank in WWII. I knew this year would be busy, and now that spring is in bloom I’m starting to appreciate just how busy (but I’m not complaining.) The great thing about spring is that everything seems possible at this time of year. All the gray and dull has been washed away and replaced with color and vibrancy…and sunbathing in Central Park…which makes running while not running into things a bit more challenging.

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