A fun few days

Just got back into the city a couple of hours ago from my trip to Stackpole. Three days of meetings, lunches, dinners and my first official book store event. Huge thanks to Jeff Young, the asst store manager, for setting everything up and giving me a wonderful reception. Thanks, too, to my many co-workers at Stackpole who came out to see what I’d been up to in my spare time. Col. Robert Black and his wife, my second mom, Carolyn, were kind enough to put me up, feed me (glorious home cooking!) and treat me like family and for that I am touched and honored.

I wish I knew how to post photos here because OMG (yeah, I said it, OMG) Janelle Bender and Mark Zug created the t-shirt of all t-shirts and IT ROCKS!

There’s tons more, but I’ve got to get some rest so that I look halfway presentable for my podcast tomorrow. I think it will wind up on S&S’s site, but I’ll find out for sure tomorrow.

  1. lanyn

    LJ made photos easy to post… There should just be an “insert image” button when you start a new LJ post — it lets you navigate to whatever folder you stored your photo(s) and upload it to LJ.

    See? No excuse not to share now. 😀

    Sounds like you had a great time!


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