Oz, a star, and my first bookstore event

I’m in Pennsylvania at the moment visiting the Stackpole Books home office. While here I’ll also be doing my first signing and talk at the Camp Hill B&N tomorrow night, Wednesday, at 7pm. I’ve been told that if I’m nervous I should just imagine everyone naked, but that kind of thinking just gets you into all sorts of trouble…or so I’ve heard.

I also heard some wicked cool news about A Darkness Forged in Fire in Australia that I’m almost certain I can’t divulge, but my desire to go Down Under just went Way Up!

I can divulge that I just received my first ever starred review from the very nice folks (well, after giving me a star how can they not be?) at the Library Journal.

  1. aldenweer

    By the way…

    I don’t know whether you’ve noticed, but signed copies of your book are already selling on Abebooks for as much as $64.95. And they’re classifying you as a “rising star.” Congratulations.

    • Anonymous

      Re: By the way…

      I hadn’t seen that! Maybe I should tell my publisher to raise the list price 🙂 Er, maybe not, but that is cool to hear, thanks.




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