The Golden Unicorn…

…is a bustling restaurant in Chinatown here in New York City. I met friends there for lunch this afternoon. The specialty is dim sum, and the dishes are wheeled around on carts by waitresses. You simply hail one over to your table, point to the dishes or corresponding photos helpfully pasted on the front of the cart and your order is served. The great fun was in trying to get something off of every cart. I counted at least seven and each one specialized in different areas. I know we had shrimp dumpling, bean curd, some kind of steamed, leafy vegetable, some kind of pork…something, and other items I have no idea at all, but everything tasted wonderful. I went chopsticks all the way and got at least 87% of my food to my mouth, a new record. If you haven’t tried dim sum it’s a lot of fun. And the Golden Unicorn is well worth the wait to get in should you ever find yourself in New York and hungry.

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