Back from Comic Con with some very cool news!

I just got in the door a few minutes ago and will write more tomorrow about the Con, so for the moment I will just say it was terrific.

The Con got off to a wonderful start. When I checked in with my editor after landing in San Diego he told me to brace myself (uh, oh, I thought). Turns out it was amazing news. A Darkness Forged in Fire has been sold in translation to Russia and Japan! I think everyone on the plane jumped a foot when I yelled. I don’t know when they’ll pub or in what format, but I definitely want a copy of each…although it occurs to me I won’t really know what books they send me as I can’t read either language!

Oh, and I met some really gracious and thoughtful people at the show. Some had even read the book. I know that shouldn’t surprise me, but it still does 🙂

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