Fall cleaning

Something about crisp mornings, gray skies, and the rustle of leaves gets my blood up…er, perhaps I’ve said too much, but I do love this time of year. So much so that after getting out to the park I came back and started tearing my apartment apart. I’ve already thrown out about two garbage bags worth of stuff, mostly papers and odds and ends that I no longer need or recognize. I think I found four adapters, fifteen dried up pens, untold number of elastics, a raft of New Yorkers and Locus magazines, old bills, old clothes, notes from ex-girlfriends (don’t ask,) parts of manuscripts, CDs, post-it notes reminding to do stuff I have no idea if I ever did, and dust, lots and lots of dust. Spatially it makes my apartment a whole lot cleaner and mentally it makes me feel a whole lot better.

Between sneezes I also worked on the novel and tried a new chicken place for dinner. Not exactly a spell-binding Saturday I’ll admit…hmm, maybe I’ll make some stuff up next time.

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