CC Finlay’s new historical fantasy series about to launch

C.C. Finlay’s new historical fantasy series, Traitor to the Crown, goes on sale later this month (the first book, The Patriot Witch, has been available as a free download for a few weeks now). A Spell for the Revolution and The Demon Redcoat follow in May and June respectively. It’s a brilliant melding of magic and the Revolutionary War and not to be missed. I’ve been a fan of CC’s for years, all the way back to when he was the author known as Charlie. I love his approach of injecting fantasy into a well known historical setting. Both genres will benefit from this cross-pollination.

    • admin

      Nope, different CC, although it’s interesting to see they’re both working the historical side of the literary street. I can’t speak for Humphreys, but I do know Charlie is a first class historian.

      How goes the medal hunting? Have you repatriated any sets recently?

      • csi_tokyo3

        Humphreys did the history of Anne Boleyn’s executioner as a quest, and followed it up with a trip to the New World in Blood Ties.

        Well, it’s been a very busy March. I’ve been holding onto a WWII set from a gentleman who served 34 years with the Electrical & Mechanical Engineers. EME is having a conference here in Ottawa in May and they’ve agreed to take his medals & service plaque from CFB Lahr at that time into their museum.

        Couple weeks ago I sent a thousand dollars down to Cayuga, ON, because the town was trying to raise $4,000 for a WWI Military Cross set. My fellow medal hunter, Dave Thomson, was ransoming them, so I topped up their balance. Last I heard, they were just waiting for a few last promised donations to be coughed up (probably contingent on them raising the money in the first place).

        And I picked up two medals from the 18th Battalion from the Fenian Raids of 1866 & 1870. The North Grenville Historical Society down in Prescott has agreed to accept them and we’ll probably do that in August during their Loyalist Days celebrations or something.

        ^^ So I’ve got roughly a thousand dollars left in the budget for this year and want to do something for Remembrance Day like we did last year down in Millbrook. I’ll just have to keep an eye open for the proper set.


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