Lucky 7 again, and a little play called “My Parents Go Driving”

My mom called from the road to give me an update earlier today, and our conversation went something like this:

Me: Hello?
Mom: Hello, Christopher. We’re in Gainesville right now- Bob! Watch out for that truck.
Dad: I see it and he sees me.
Mom: You just cut him off.
Dad: No I didn’t, besides, my rig is bigger than his rig.
Mom: That’s hardly the point.
Dad: He saw me, it’s fine. What did that sign say?
Mom: What sign?
Dad: Back there. Was that the turnoff?
Mom: I don’t know, I was looking at the truck.
Dad: I saw the truck. What I didn’t see was the sign for our turn off.
Mom: You have to watch where you’re going.
Dad: I thought you were doing that.
Mom: What? Maybe we should pull over and check the GPS.
Dad: We don’t need to pull over. We’ll take the next exit.
Mom: Ok, but watch out for trucks. Christopher, we’ll talk to you later.
Me: Who is this?

A subsequent phone call informed me that they have made it safely to Brunswick, Georgia after having visited another seven stores. Again, many thanks to everyone they met along the way. I suppose it’s long past the point where I should be surprised, but everywhere they go they are greeted warmly and treated with respect by the staff. It’s also wonderful to hear that not only have they heard of my book, but they know many of the books I’ve edited including the Stackpole Military History Series. So to everyone who met Bob & Barb Evans today, thanks:

Community Relations Manager Jamie and Bookseller Joe at B&N in Ocala; General Manager Jason Strauss and Bookseller Susan at BAM in Ocala; Dot at B&N in Gainesville; Sales Manager Martha and Bookseller Derek at Borders in Gainesville; Manager Amanda at BAM in Gainesville; Manager Paul Beck at BAM in Jacksonville; Assistant Store Manager Jim at B&N in Jacksonville (10280 Midtown Parkway)

    • admin

      Yours, too 🙂 Mine have this interesting ability to be actually mid-conversation when I pick up the phone and I swear I’ve listened in for a minute before one of them finally says hello.

  1. stillnotbored

    So…when my agent sells my book, can I rent your parents? 🙂

    It could be a whole new retirement income for them, touring the country and charming booksellers for new authors.

    • admin

      Absolutely 🙂 They’re already doing double duty and talking up some of the books I publish as well. Give them a couple more weeks and they’ll be repping big name clients and I’ll be lucky to get them on the phone…hmmmmm 🙂

      You might have told me, but who’s your agent? Is your book out with publishers as we speak?

      • stillnotbored

        My agent is Tamar Rydzinski with the Laura Dail Literary Agency in New York. Tamar is the only agent there who reps fantasy authors.

        And yes, the book is out. I’m at that stage of the game where editors write essay length rejections saying wonderful things about me and the book, and then say no.

        Ten editors still have the book. Still waiting on them. 🙂


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