More updates to the wesbite including a world map

Covers are coming soon (Japanese edition and British B Format edition for Darkness, and the hardcover of Light of Burning Shadows). There’s an expanded “Publishing 101” section in the About the Author page, and a world map of the um, world, as it’s known for the first two books.

We’re still fine tuning things (which means my designer is while I send her all kinds of suggestions that may or may not work) so if you have ideas that would help make it more user friendly please let me know.

The RV tour gets back on the road tomorrow as they make their run to the border and home where they will blitz Canada. Special thanks to Kerrie Loyd at Pocket for all her help the last couple of days! And a big thanks as well to my designer, Tessa.

  1. kot_kam

    “More updates to the wesbite including a world map”

    It’s a very good news! A suggestion: “Luuguth Jor” is written in letters as big or even bigger than “Port Ghamjal”. Is it done on purpose? Usually there are bigger letters for bigger cities…

    • admin

      Hi, Kot:

      Yes, this was done on purpose. I know it breaks convention, but for the sake of clarity we decided to have the place name Luuguth Jor enhanced beyond what it would otherwise have been. I’ll probably revisit that for book 3 as the map expands.



  2. matthew_j_reed

    That is excellent. (I am trying to learn to stop using awesome so liberally) I have been kind of wondering how your world was shaped since it is one of the few fantasys that is not just one landmass. I look forward to seeing what the new book’s cover looks like. Good luck.
    Oh, is there any chance taht there will be little summaries on the site about the history of the races? I have been a little curious why Yimt is the only dwarf that plays a direct role in the book. Are they almost extinct? Is Yimt by any chance an outcast? Sorry about spamming the question just really curious.

    • admin

      The final draft of the cover for The Light of Burning Shadows is done, so it should be released soon (I know I keep saying that, but this time it’s true…I think).

      I do have some backstory for Yimt, but I hadn’t given a lot of thought to posting material about him and others on the site. Might be an idea, though. Short answer (ha!) is that yes, he’s an outcast.


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