The big rig has crossed the border

My folks made it home tonight after a very long and eventful trip up from Florida to their place outside of London, Ontario. You’d think they’d be able to relax now, but nooooooooooooo. The Canadian tour kicks off next, but before that I’ve repurposed them to meet with one of my authors. Kirsten Holmstedt, author of Band of Sisters and the forthcoming The Girls Come Marching Home, is in London for a conference and will be meeting my folks for breakfast tomorrow morning after which mom and dad will drive her to the airport. During the US leg of the tour my parents invariably talked up my military history line as well as books I have coming out from Stackpole, so it was a case of serious multi-tasking. Stackpole via me via my parents is a full service publisher 🙂

I think I could actually use the word synergy somewhere here and have it be apropos…but I won’t.

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