London calling

I received the Japanese edition of A Darkness Forged in Fire and it is just all kinds of cute. I love that they totally made it their own – format, art, etc. I’ve never been to Japan, but it’s very high on my list of destinations, and that was even before I watched Lost in Translation.

So my folks are back home in London, Ontario and the RV tour continues, minus the RV. They both had eye appointments so they managed to sneak in 5 stores between drops. I hope they were able to see all right, I’d hate to be an accessory to a fender-bender in commission of a proud parental moment. I’ve never been a co-conspirator before…and convicted 🙂

Thanks to the London booksellers today as well two stores in Michigan I didn’t mention in my last missive:

Community Relations Manager Katie Hugelier at B&N in Flint; Training Supervisor Pete at Borders in Flint; Ryan and Assistant Manager Linda at Coles in London (Masonville Place); Dan and Assistant Customer Experience Manager Brent at Chapters (Fanshawe Park Road); General Manager Joe Peretic at Chapters (near White Oaks Mall); Customer Experience Manager Kim Goldhawk at Coles in White Oaks Mall; Customer Experience Manager Sandy Shanahan at Coles in Argyl Mall

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