Live (and mostly alive) at B.E.A.

While being at Book Expo America is in no way akin to digging ditches or fishing the Bering Sea as far as hard and dangerous work, it can still wear on you. I’m holding up well, except my throat has gone hoarse from all the talking. Meeting after meeting followed by lunch in a loud space followed by more meetings followed by dinner in a loud space followed by drinks in an even louder space and my vocal chords have been sand-papered to something that sounds like gravel in a mixer.

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      Surprisingly well, whereas my vocal chords have all but given up the ghost. I’ll be thumping around BEA today in my Terminator boot whispering up a storm.

  1. admin

    I’m a bit like the Catholic church arguing the sun revolves around the earth – doesn’t everyone know the world revolves around me? I can see why the church put Galileo under house arrest. Having your world view altered so dramatically is unsettling 🙂 I’d shout about it…but now I can’t.

  2. Anonymous

    Next book tour

    Would like to see you come close to Port Huron, Michigan. Just finished the first book it was a really good book. I can’t wait until the second one comes out.

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      Re: Next book tour

      I’m glad you enjoyed it. The wait for book II, The Light of Burning Shadows, is almost over. It’s due to hit shelves in less than two months. I plan to have an excerpt from it on my website, but in the meantime if you sneak a peek at the mass market edition you’ll find the first chapter there.

      I know Port Huron and my folks travel through there often so I’ll keep that in mind.



  3. admin

    I know, I know, my cynicism clearly wasn’t up to the task. Not only that, it turns out my sore throat was the harbinger of a cold.


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