Bonjour! A Darkness Forged in Fire (mm) on sale today, French toast, and French rights!

What a great morning! I met my adopted Jewish grandmother (a wonderful long story) this morning for breakfast and in honor of the terrific news I received I went with the French toast. It was amazing. The Gracie Mews on First and 81st are masters when it comes to breakfast. I usually eat there twice a week and I don’t think I’ve had a bad meal yet. Great coffee, fresh squeezed oj, terrific service…and reasonably priced, especially for New York City.

Vive la France! The subrights people at Simon & Schuster are really aces. Huge thanks to Lisa Keim for selling the French rights to A Darkness Forged in Fire to Fleuve Noir.

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      Thanks 🙂 I’ve been to France several times, mostly the Normandy region, and I love it over there. Knowing that my first book will now be in French, too, is very nice.


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