RV Tour Update and a British promo poster

First time I saw this I just grinned and grinned. I love that tag line. What’s really cool, though, is this photo was sent to me by my former assistant at Stackpole Books, Ryan Masteller, who now lives in England with his lovely wife, Julie.

My folks have continued to foray out to let bookstores know about the upcoming books, and I continue to be incredibly appreciative of everything they’ve done. In the last few days they’ve visited a couple of local libraries and a couple stores. I also found a great photo from their travels and thought I’d put it up. I can’t make out what exactly mom was going for with this, but I suppose it does represent their being on the road…

Many thanks to Nick at University of Western Ontario Books + in London; Louise at the Thamesford Library; Kathryn Suffoletta at the Middlesex Country Library in Dorchester; Manager Jackie Noels at Coles/Smiths Books in St. Thomas

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