The British are coming! Well, their cover design at any rate

Chris likes. A lot.

  1. matthew_j_reed

    I give it a thumbs up but it makes me think. I like the American cover but this one is true to the contents because I do not remember any blue sword in the book. Of course the cover does not matter in the end game when you have your reader ensnared in a world of absolute awesomeness. The cover is there to make people pick up your book long enough to read a page or two which I believe this will do well with except I doubt it will be as…flamboyant as the other because I remember it was the shiny surface that cuaght my attention. Oh no, I am barely any better than a fish!
    I hope awesomeness is a word because I was ticked to find out awesomer is not a real word.
    Do your elves age? Because at my angle it looks like he has grey hair of course I have horrible eyesight. Also, do your elves have facial hair? I have gotten so used to pop cultur’s idea of an elf that I kind of forgot the minor details if you mentioned them.


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