Book III of the Iron Elves is a go

I am incredibly fortunate to be able to say that my experience with Pocket Books of Simon & Schuster continues to be terrific, and I’m thrilled to announce that the relationship goes on. We’ve just finalized the deal for the third novel in the Iron Elves trilogy. Huge thanks to my agent, Don Maass, my editor Ed Schlesinger, and Publisher Louise Burke for this newest vote of confidence, and a very special thanks to Deputy Publisher Anthony Ziccardi for making it all happen.

Now I just have to write it…

  1. kterceira

    Why Stop at Trilogy

    Why bother to stop at trilogy. Break the mold and make it a 20 volume series. Considering how elves age it could last for decades Chris….

    Congrats to you and to us readers!

    • admin

      Re: Why Stop at Trilogy

      Wellllllllllll, a trilogy is the plan. That said, it’s certainly possible that I will come back to the Iron Elves at a later date.

      Thanks, I’m very happy about it.


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