Meet a few of my authors

As an editor I publish 30+ books a year which means I deal with a lot of authors. Some of them have websites and I thought it might be nice to make introductions as I’ve received a few emails asking me about what I do when I’m not writing the Iron Elves.

So, in no particular order, here they are:

Charles V. Jones, author of Boys of ’67, Red, White, Or Yellow and a forthcoming book on Marine Combat Photographers in WWII

David Danelo, author of Blood Stripes and The Border

Kirsten Holmstedt, author of Band of Sisters and The Girls Come Marching Home

George Bradford, author of the AFV Plans series and Rommel’s Afrika Korps

Robert W. Black, author of The Battalion, Cavalry Raids of the Civil War, Ghost, Thunderbolt, and Wizard, and the forthcoming The Ranger Force and Ranger Dawn

Joseph Balkosi, author of Beyond the Beachhead, Omaha Beach, Utah Beach, and From Beachhead To Brittany

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