Moonlight, Lace, and Mayhem…oh baby

When I was writing A Darkness Forged in Fire I was in a relationship that was ending. When I wrote The Light of Burning Shadows I was single and dating madly (er, by which I mean a lot, as opposed to lunatic-like, although my dates might beg to differ). No doubt that colored my views on the relationship between Konowa and Visyna. Still, just as I had hope I would find the love of my life, I hoped these two characters would find a way, too. Actually, what I really hoped is that I would figure out how that might happen. I’m still working on it, but it’s been more than a little gratifying to see some blogs pick up on the relationship – as imperfect and challenged as it is – and root for it to survive and even succeed. This is all preamble to introduce you to a romance/mystery blog where I recently had the honor of being a guest blogger:

A huge thanks to Carrie for the terrific article, and for asking me to participate.

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