Back from the wild green yonder

So I live and work in New York City, but the publishing house I edit for, Stackpole Books – – is located in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, about three and a half hours by train or a little less than three by car. I just got back to NYC after a three day visit at company HQ. The weather was brilliant as were all my meetings. What was most encouraging is that we’re seeing a marked increase in sales across the lines of books we publish as we go into the Fall. I hope that’s a trend that catches on in the economy as a whole.

I also had a chance to meet our new national accounts manager and chat about the coming Spring 2010 line as we drove back to the city. Things are definitely looking up (fingers crossed!) It was an intense and fulfilling three days and now I have the long weekend with which to decompress and get back into my writing. At the moment, however, I am going to head out for a run!

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