Nerding it up old school – just found my D&D figure after 25 years

Talk about rekindling an old flame. My Dungeons and Dragons character was a knight errant named after Hotspur from Shakespeare’s Henry IV. As you can see he’s a handsome, martial little fellow and not the least bit squeamish about mixing it up when there are orcs to be sorted. This is from my B.G. period (before girls) although I do recall being aware of them (girls) at the time, but I think they scared me more than orcs. Come to think of it, they still do…

So at the risk of setting off a D&D nostalgia-fest, any former (or current) players out there?

  1. pinkgalagirl

    My husband says he used to play. But now he plays mainly computer games, such as World of Warcraft (as do I). From what I hear, D&D had a huge influence on later games, including WOW. But thats most of what I know about it.

  2. dadiceguy

    Played AD&D for years. In fact it is how I met my wife. We still play RPGs. She runs a vampire hunters game on Sundays with her girlfriends and we play in Serenity (which is set in the Firefly universe).

    We play a lot of “European” style boardgames as well.

  3. merricb

    Still a current player. Well, Dungeon Master. Been playing some… err… 27 years or so. Several of my first experiences with D&D were with a girl DM. This, of course, explains my special lack of success with women.

    If I weren’t running a D&D session on Friday night, I’d probably be reading The Light of Burning Shadows, but there you go.

    Nice mini, Chris!


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