A chainsaw, a little shopping, and a looooooooooooong walk

My father was cutting up some wood and asked if his city boy son (city boy, not sissy boy I’d like to stress) would like a turn. I did, and took the chainsaw and proceeded to cut up some wood AND avoid any great and lasting physical injury. The whole time I was cutting, however, I had this eerie sensation of a lot of little eyes watching me. Sure enough, I turned around and three black squirrels were about 15 yards away.

With the cutting done, I went shopping. Nothing extravagant, but it was a sustained effort. I’m one of those people that will go months without buying anything of note, then go on a bit of binge. This was more window shopping than actual buying, but it was distracting which was nice.

Then I went for a walk. I actually don’t know how long I was gone because I didn’t take my watch or my Blackberry. I just felt the need to go. To be somewhere else. You know that feeling? To just be your body while your brain checks out.

  1. pinkgalagirl

    I know exactly what you mean just needing to go for a walk and being elsewhere.
    I hope you’re feeling better.

    Black squirrels? Are those Canadian? I’m originally from upstate NY and I don’t recall ever having seen a black one…

    • admin

      The walk helped in that it kept me in motion and not dwelling on things. I went for another walk today and saw many more black squirrels. Apparently they’re abundant in the northern range of the gray squirrel and cover both Canada and parts of the US. For more fascinating information about this little nut gatherer check here:

  2. arcticghost

    oh man, that walks sounds so wonderful. I’ve been walking to walk the hills and dales and country trails during fall so bad I can taste it.

    black squirrels 😀 Did they leave revision plans? 😀

    • admin

      It’s another great fall day here and I can see a black squirrel sitting in the tree in front of my brother’s house. I’m going to a farmer’s market this morning and get some apples.

      • arcticghost

        I hadn’t thought about the farmer’s market today, that would have been fun. Did you get your apples?

        Regarding your response to the comment below, wouldn’t it be fun following fall around the world. I’d just like experiencing it once in your neck of the woods, in all those eastern forests.

  3. stillnotbored

    I had so much work to do today. So much stuff I was supposed to do, and some of it actually did get done.

    But I came home from running errands, looked out the kitchen window at the trees turning crimson and gold along the river, grabbed my camera and left. It was only going to be a “short” walk.

    I kept taking pictures, and walking, then seeing more cool stuff and walking more, and taking more pictures. Average, eastern grey squirrels were building nests in the trees or foraging for acorns and nuts on the ground. There were birds everywhere. Everyone else was at work or school, so it was very quiet and no one scared them away. It was heavenly.

    By the time I finally looked at my watch, I’d been gone more than two hours. I was getting really cold by then too, so I hurried back.

    Sometimes running away from home is the best thing you can do for yourself.


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