Audio edition of The Light Of Burning Shadows, last night’s SFWA party, and fantasy jewelry

A few readers (I suppose listeners would be the more appropriate moniker) have been asking me about the release date of The Light Of Burning Shadows on audio, and after much sleuthing I’ve found out it will be shipping December 21st.

The Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America held their annual holiday party last night in a little mom and pop place called Planet Hollywood on Times Square. It was a great night to catch up with friends in publishing and make a few new ones. The room was filled with agents, authors, editors, and many “others”, making for a diverse and interesting crowd. I managed not spill my drink on the following folks – Gardiner Dozois, former editor of Asimov’s Science Fiction; Russ Galen, agent for the likes of Diana Gabaldon, Harry Turtledove, and the estate of Phillip K. Dick; Don Maass, agent to such illustrious writers like, um, me; Random House editor Chris Schluep; Del Rey editor-at-larger and Star Wars maven, Shelly Shapiro; former Playboy fiction editor Alice Turner; director of cool stuff including game development at Del Rey, Keith Clayton; former senior editor at Del Rey and current free lance tycoon Steve Saffel; Joshua Bilmes, agent for Charlene Harris (I think she writes about vampires); Del Rey assistant editor and newly acquiring (for all you aspiring authors out there) Mike Braff; and many more that at the moment have fled my brain. Oh, and there was an open bar, at least I hope it was because I don’t recall paying for my drinks!

A very good friend of mine, Deb Christerson, creates nature and fantasy inspired jewelry when she’s not working on her novel and will be at the 1st annual Christmas Towne Bazaar, November 27 and 28, 10am to 4pm, at the Christian Life Center located at 1780 SE Lincoln, Port Orchard, WA Call 360-876-5595 for more information

You can check out some of her pieces in advance on her website

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