Today is the first day of the rest of my life, and so on…

You know how something happens and you realize the past is past and the future stretches out before you? I’m definitely having one of those mornings. So how to deal with it…well, I’m going to the Gracie Mews for breakfast, then get to work, and then meet up with friends for dinner. Oh, speaking of, I had dinner with an old friend (er, old in the sense of we’ve known each other for years) last night. Karen Traviss is over here for a few days on business which gave us a chance to catch up. I’ve probably mentioned this before, but Karen and I attended Clarion East together in the summer of 2000. Karen, in case you don’t know her, wrote the six book Wess’Har series for EOS, a ton of Star Wars novels for Del Rey, and is currently writing all the Gears of War novels, too. She has a thing for lads in armor…with lasers…and chainsaws.

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