Frazzled but home

I think Amtrak is secretly run by the auto and aviation industries with the sole purpose being to make any other mode of transportation appear superior to that of the train. Ugh, yet another looong and unnecessarily aggravating trip by train. I did have a wonderful weekend away, however, but both the train out and train back had problems. The one out of New York was a 1/2 hour late, not too horrible, but the one back into the city actually broke down and we had to hop onto another train out in the middle of New Jersey.

I think I’ll run next time, it’ll be faster and more fun.

  1. stillnotbored

    I traveled via Amtrak once when I lived in California. The train was more than two hours late leaving San Jose and close to three hours late arriving in Los Angeles. I had my 84 year old grandmother with me and we were on that train for close to twelve hours. It was a nightmare.

    Never again. *g*

    • admin

      That sounds horrible. It’s a real shame, because when rail travel works it’s a wonderful experience. Living here in Manhattan it is so much easier and with a lot stress to take a cab to Penn Station and board a train than it is to get out to LGA or JFK.


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