9 versus District 9

I thought District 9 was a brilliant movie. Innovative, politically charged, and very thought provoking. I had one of the most stimulating and exciting conversations I’d ever had with anyone about a movie with my ex after watching District 9. It lit intellectual and emotional sparks. 9, on the other hand, mystified me. I just didn’t get it. The animation was fine, but the palette of browns made it exceedingly dreary. 9 just didn’t grab me. They aren’t trying to be the same movie so other than the cute similarity of their titles I suppose it’s unfair to compare them, but it’s Friday night and I’m here in my apartment and that’s where my mind wandered.

  1. newguydave

    I thought 9 was kind of Terminator-like in story with a Tim Burton feel. It was entertaining, and some of the heroic struggles were good. The “hole up and be safe” or “rescue our fallen comrades” division isn’t new, but interesting to see in non-human entities.

    District 9 could have been great, but fell flat. The concept of Aliens stranded on Earth and not able to return had huge potential. Instead it became a movie about racism, guns, corrupt companies. The stereotypes were awful, and the MC unsympathetic right until the last few minutes, and only when he realizes there’s no hope for himself. The exploding bodies was Halo on the big screen. For the life of me, I could never understand why the humans were not interested in space travel or gravity-defying technology.


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