Oh say can you hear – the audio edition of The Light Of Burning Shadows is finally available

Many thanks to those of you waiting patiently for the audio edition. Just in time for Christmas…2010, the audio is here 🙂 And, if you’d like to hear a sample of narrator Michael Kramer reading the news sheet at the front of the book, check here:


Just click on the right side of the little green sample button.

  1. Anonymous

    Thank you and finally

    I was able to read the book, but I enjoy the audio and the narrator so much more, because I can listen to it at work. I work in a very busy office and need a way to zone everyone out. I can’t remember when I downloaded it but I’ve listened to it about 5 times now. Thank you and make sure for future books they have Michael Kramer do the reading, it is terrible when they switch mid series.

    • admin

      Re: Thank you and finally

      5 times! That’s more than I’ve read it. I might have to check with you on continuity. Glad you’re enjoying it. I don’t know what pull I have, but I certainly hope Mr. Kramer continues reading the series.


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