Further misadventures in cooking with Chris

I managed to set fire to my lunch, again. Those that follow my blog may recall this http://chris-r-evans.livejournal.com/43080.html

Happily, no oven mitts were incinerated this time, only spaghetti. I had the water on boil and as I always do took the spaghetti strands and snapped them in half over the pot. A few errant strands managed to fall under the pot and catch fire (did I mention I have a gas stove?) In retrospect, I suppose the first thing I should have done was turn the burner off. Instead, I raced around looking for a pair of needle nose pliers with which to delicately pluck the burning spaghetti from the flame while simultaneously stirring the spaghetti that made it into the water. Not sure what to call it, but I think I might have invented a new way to serve spaghetti, that is if you like blackened, crunchy bits mixed in. I thought the sauce might mask the charred flavor.

It doesn’t.

Hard to believe I’m still single…

  1. allaboutm_e

    Is it bad that this reminds me of my cat (see icon) who managed to set himself on fire twice by rubbing against lit candles?
    :: giggles ::

  2. petwaitress

    This reminds me of my 15 yr old who is constantly trying out his culinary skills. I’ve found my potholders thrown in the outside trash quite a few times. They sell these really small cans of fire extinguisher’s cheap you might want to check into one of those lol.


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