I’d like to thank the academy (for not calling the police)

The Best of 2009 lists are proliferating at the moment and I’d like to thank the bloggers/readers and websites that named my works. It’s a very nice feeling. Sort of warm and fuzzy with a touch of silk and a hint of hard liquor, er, better stop there.

Soooo, my tux is back from the cleaners, when will the limo be picking me up?

Big thanks to the following for making my day:





  1. blodeuedd83

    Oh cool, my blog is up there šŸ˜€
    I just stopped by to see if there was any news on the third book šŸ˜€ Both books sure made my year, which was terribly dry of good fantasy. They were just what I needed

    • admin

      I’m glad they worked for you. I’m working hard on book three and will be turning it in to my editor this spring.



  2. Anonymous

    This is coming a little late, but YOU just made MY day, sir.

    It’s always nice when I check Google Analytics and find a new referring site. Even better is when I find out that the author of one of my favorite books of the year is the one doing the referring. Yes, Book One is stellar. Loved it. And I can’t wait to get into Book Two.

    I did write a review of Book One, which led at least two people I know of for sure to purchase the book. Two is better than none, right? šŸ˜‰ Here’s the link:

    ~Lydia Sharp


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