The Czech, please

After surviving a particularly brutal bout of food poisoning earlier this week where I lost 3 and a 1/2 pounds in 12 hours (mercy) I was in need of something to lift my spirits. A late night email from my editor at Pocket did the trick nicely. A Darkness Forged In Fire and The Light of Burning Shadows have been licensed for translation by the Czech publishing house Fantom Print.

In other news, I need to stock up on ginger ale, chicken soup, crackers, and ice cream.

Update – I’m back from the grocery store where I picked up some fresh fruit, almonds, raisins, and chicken soup. I feel healthier already.

  1. Anonymous

    Book 2

    Dear Chris,

    I was extremely disappointed, nay infuriated to find that the ebook version of The Burning Light… is only sold in USA. I therefore have to wait an indefinite period before I can read it. I do not see what purpose this serves other than driving people like myself to turn to rip off copies. I presume this is your publisher’s idea to maximize returns but it looks to us in the rest of the world like another instance of the Over-excited States of America forgetting that the rest of the world exists.

    Tony Piss-off Walton

    • admin

      Re: Book 2

      Hi, Tony:

      I’m not sure any publisher would seek to piss-off readers, at least not deliberately. As it happens, I’ll likely be talking to my editor tomorrow and I’ll see what I can find out. Could you narrow down what part of the rest of the world you live in? That would help in trying to determine when/if an ebook version of The Light of Burning Shadows will be released there.




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