I don’t stand in front of the microwave door anymore

One, I figure it’s just not wise if I ever want to have kids and two, every once in a while the stuff I put in there has a tendency to explode and/or catch fire. I’m getting better at figuring out what those things are, but now I stand off to the side by the fridge while I await the verdict.

In writing news I’ve been invited to Lunacon which takes place in March just a short distance north of New York City in Rye. I’ve never been but it sounds fun. They have something called “Adult Programming” which begins at 11pm…not sure what that might entail, but I’ll break out my smoking jacket and martini glass just in case.

  1. nakanaide_stray

    It is true. Children will put almost anything into the microwave. The same sister of mine that burned rice to the pan also had a few interesting microwave “adventures.”


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