What’s your morning routine?

My usual morning goes something like this:

Up around 6:00 (but can be as early as 5:30 or as late as 7)
Off to the gym or for a run, then back home
Shower, possibly sing out of tune while in shower
Then either off to the Gracie Mews for breakfast or
Coffee, fruit, and perhaps a bagel while reading the news on my laptop
Write for a 1/2 hour to an hour
Clock into work at 9…ish

Pretty standard stuff. I live alone so no pets to walk, no kids to chivvy out of bed, and no significant other to remind to pick up the dry cleaning. The biggest deviation I’m likely to encounter is having to wash a coffee mug so that I have a clean one (I only have four and usually use two a day, and yes, I realize that shouldn’t take much energy to keep washed up, but you’re severely underestimating my ability to procrastinate if I’m not motivated).

  1. petwaitress

    Ah the life of a bachelor. It must be grand. A nine to five job would be even grander.
    My day starts around 5:30 depending on how many times I hit the snooze.
    I wake the kids up
    take a shower
    wake the kids up again (teenagers btw)
    herd my daughter to the shower
    wake the boys up again
    have my daughter warm up my car
    yell out a 10 minute warning
    put the dog on the leash, make sure the cat is out, and feed them both.
    herd everyone outside to the bus stop (mostly because I don’t trust them to lock up) and barely make it to work in 10 minutes.
    I live right around the corner from my job which is a big plus.
    I take comfort in the fact that someday they have to grow-up and move out and maybe I’ll have a little more time in the A.M.

    • admin

      See, that’s just it, I want what you have. I’ve done the single guy in the big city thing for a while now and I’ve got it down cold. It’s a bit startling to see these words flowing onto my screen, but it’s dawned on me that I’d like to be knee deep in kids, dogs, laundry, and all the rest of it. I guess when it comes right down to it I want to be as happily miserable as everyone else 🙂

  2. sksperry

    Up at 5:30, shower, shave, dress and out the door by 6. At work by 6:30.

    Yell at the Platoon Senior when they report at 6:50. Issue them thier orders.

    Task Platoon Staff when they show up at 7:00.


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