Six with Chris – Interviews with publishing insiders launches next week

Ever wanted to peer behind the publishing curtain and peek into the minds of publishing professionals? Me too! I just wish I knew some…waaaaait a minute, I do 🙂 Ok, enough shtick. I’ve been interviewing friends and colleagues in the world of publishing from around the world, everyone from agents to booksellers to editors to sales people and you get the idea. I put six questions to each person keeping it relatively short and sweet. As more people respond I hope to offer a new interview at least once a week. I already have several teed up and ready to go. The inaugural interviewee will debut Monday, February 22. I won’t tell you who she is, but it’s quite possible she has more New York Times bestsellers notched on her belt than anyone else in the business.

You’ll get to meet her on Monday.

  1. tumblecoyote

    Oooh! Oooh! Do we get to ask questions?

    As, if we do, I can’t help but ask- is there any particular time of year when it’s ‘good’ to query…well, anybody, really? As I imagine they probably get stuff in cycles, just as anything else works, really.

    • admin

      At the moment I’m keeping it simple and will just post the interview, but this is very much a work in progress so the format could evolve. I will definitely keep a file of all questions asked for possible follow-ups down the road as more insiders visit.

      As for your particular question, speaking for myself (as editor) I know that any query that comes in toward the end of the year is likely to sit until after the new year. As much as I love reading I’m not likely to spend all of my holidays going over submissions, so sending one in in after the US Thanksgiving is perhaps not the ideal time. Still, this is far from an exact science and really boils down to the quality of the submission and what the editor is looking for. Again, that’s just one editor’s take on it. Good question.


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