Lunacon update

The weather is gorgeous here in Rye, New York. So naturally we’re inside for the convention. I did take a break to go out for a walk in the woods. Lots of squirrels.

I met Peter V. Brett, author of The Warded Man and the upcoming The Desert Spear which is book II in the Demon Cycle series. Really nice guy. His website is

My trip up yesterday started out with me on the wrong train. I almost asked a conductor as I stepped on board, but then the obstinate male gene kicked in and I boldly boarded the express instead of the local. Luckily, I was able to get off at the next stop and hop on the local a minute later. Next time I’ll check and be sure, maybe.

Oh, did I mention I was on a panel about sex in literature? Fun! Closest thing I’ve had to a date this year 🙂

  1. csi_tokyo3

    Hah. I get to be on the adult fanfiction panel at Anime North again this year. All our audience ever wants to know is where the good stuff is. No one cares *why* people write it.

  2. Anonymous

    Wrong Turns

    Marc Rikmenspoel here. That’s funny! I didn’t tell you this, but I drove past the exit for Rye Brook, and instead went first to Rye!

    My landlord gives me the password to leech internet access off his brother’s business server downstairs. That server crashed Friday afternoon, before I could print out directions to Luna Con. I had looked up the Hilton on a Google Map the day before, so my road atlas got me to the area. But then I had to call a friend and have him Google the Hilton’s phone # for me to finally get to the right place!

    I looked for a copy of The Warded Man today, only to realize the paperback only comes out on Tuesday. But I was ready to spend, because I found some cash some unlucky person dropped next to me car while I was having lunch today. I’ll keep some of it till I return to the bookstore next weekend 😉


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