Ok, I really will seek help about my squirrel fascination, but in the meantime, I am over the moon that I found this acorn themed style for my livejournal blog. Seriously, acorns, it’s like they made it just for me.

  1. invisible_tv

    There is only one squirrel

    Back in college, where free thinking was encouraged and while learning physics, the combination of a single electron universe and squirrels collided. There is an older theory that posits that there is only one electron extant in universe and we are only observing various states of its existence when measuring electrons. This became mashed up with the story that a squirrel jumped out of bush once and frightened one of my friends so much that she failed her quiz in her next class. On a campus that had a number of squirrels, my friends and I developed a new theorem. There is only one squirrel, we are seeing his many quantum echoes- and for the record, the squirrel’s name is Harold.
    Of course we also decided that universe is made up of elbow macaroni and held together by butter before some better know science person came up with ring theory . . . just think about spaghettios or mac and cheese – no contest… cheers


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