I want new shins

The current ones I have are no good for running. Every time I think I’ve healed and start to run again they flare up and I’m hobbled for weeks.

  1. matthew_j_reed

    I suppose I know how you feel. I can not do anything without nearly coughing out a lung with my pneaumonia. (I hope I spelled that right.) I want to just stand on my hands and see if that works.
    Of course, mine is just a minor and temporary probelm. I wish you luck with your shins.

    • admin

      I had pneumonia as a kid and it wasn’t nice although I did get to spend a week in an oxygen tent. My parents and the nurses kept telling me to think of it like camping, but I didn’t really buy it. Who camps in a clear plastic tent?

      Hope you feel better soon! For now I’ll switch to other activities and maybe try yet another pair of shoes.



  2. mythusmage

    Have you checked with your doctor regarding your levels of B12, or the possibility of diabetes. Or it might be everyday peripheral nerve disorder. I’m diabetic and I’m having trouble with my feet.

    • admin

      I hadn’t asked about that because I figured it was a mechanical issue, but you could be on to something. I’ll ask next time I’m in, thanks.


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