The inequity of tomatoes for bacon

After many years of trying and failing to eat properly I finally got the hang of it last summer through the support and inspiration of someone very close to me. I’ve kept at it ever since and despite a few minor relapses I’ve been surprised at how habit forming healthy eating has become. Still, it takes eternal vigilance. I realized I was eating bacon a lot when I went to the Gracie Mews for breakfast so I recently started substituting tomato slices for bacon slices. I do notice the difference. It’s like trading orgasmic for organic. Close, but not really. I suspect my arteries are much happier though (pigs, too) so some good has come of it. And I do appreciate bacon all the more when I do order it. And before you say it, yes, I’ve tried turkey bacon, and like big, bloody volcanoes, it should be banned.

  1. matthew_j_reed

    That is impressive. I lack the self-control to create a good habit, unless you count quoting a book out of thin air. I guess we all have our own probelms on different levels. Good luck with that.

    • admin

      It’s a daily challenge, but one that I am winning more times than not so success begets success I think. One step at a time.


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