My mini-whirlwind tour of southern ontario

I flew up to Canada on Wednesday (boy are my arms tired) and have been driving around ever since. I’ve visited with two of my three sets of aunts and uncles, saw one of my cousins and walked her two little girls to school where I discovered that kids are crazy full of energy at 8 in the morning, had a great dinner meeting with Stackpole Books’ Canadian distributor Georgetown (and hung out with our national accounts manager Michael who had driven up from Pennsylvania), signed copies of my books in bookstores along the way which gave me a chance to talk to some really terrific bookstore associates in the many Chapters/Indigos along the way, saw my thesis advisor and major inspiration for my career Terry Copp and old friends from my Masters days at Wilfrid Laurier where I spoke about publishing at their annual military history conference with Emily Andrews who talked about the scholarly side of things (big thanks to Mike Bechthold for the invite), stopped in just about every Tim Horton’s between London and Belleville and tried half of a donut concoction that had crushed m&m’s on it (ugh as it turns out, but I wanted to give it a try just because), semi-successfully didn’t obsess about work, and am now sipping a coffee and chatting with my brother and folks and enjoying this Sunday morning while Zoe the cat meows and looks out the window staring at chipmunks. Whew 🙂

  1. newguydave

    Wow, Chris, that’s a lot of activities. I’m heading back to Winnipeg in a week, and though I don’t expect to do much driving, I anticipate my time there will be similar. I’m only hoping not to burn out before I continue my journey to China.

    Enjoy your time with your brother and the rest of your visit. Cheers,

    • admin

      I need to get back to Manhattan to relax 🙂 China, wow, now that’s a trip! What are you doing there?

      • newguydave

        Sorry it took me so long to reply, I’ve been slowly getting back to LJ. My honey is going there for work for two weeks, so I’m meeting her when she’s done and we’re going vacation for two weeks.

        Aside from stuff in Beijing, The Great Wall, The Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven, and the Summer Palace, we’re going to Jian to see the Tomb of the Terra Cotta Warriors and maybe take a riverboat trip down the Yangtze River to Three Gorges. If we have time for more, probably some cycling and hiking.

        I’d call it the trip of a lifetime, but Greece/Belgium already holds that title, so we’ll see if the contender knocks off the reigning champ. Still, it’s pretty exciting.


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