My Tim Horton’s tour is over

There really aren’t Tim Horton’s (huge coffee and donut chain in Canada) on every corner, but it sure seemed that way when I was visiting. Wherever I popped into a Chapters/Indigo there was a Tim Horton’s nearby, and naturally I found myself in need of a coffee and something to nibble on after signing a few books. I would have thought I’d come back 15 pounds heavier, but I actually lost weight while in Canada. Maybe it was the nonstop visiting and my nonstop talking burning all the calories because I ate like a champion throughout the week. I wonder if anyone has ever calculated how many calories you burn while talking. I guess you must lose at least a few.

Chapters launched their ebook reader this weekend, the Kobo. I was impressed with how thin it was and it appeared to easy to read. I still don’t own an e-reader, and there was a time when I was certain I never would, but the more I fly the more I can see how one could come in handy.

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